Monday, April 30, 2007

Paramedics R Us

Strange day today.
I had a bad headache when I got up and so took some paracetamol. During the day the temperature in my classroom rose and rose, and when the children went into assembly it peaked at 28 degrees. I was starting to feel really odd, and so sent my TA to get a first aider. When she was out I collapsed, and when someone came back I was laid out on the floor.
It took 25 minutes apparently to bring me round. When the paramedics arrived, they brought me round, sat me up and rang a full set of tests. My blood sugar was a bit low, but everything else was fine. The move to hospital was at my discretion, and so I decided to go home and rest.
I am booked in at the docs in the morning, so the wisdom tooth extraction is off for now. And now it's time to sleep.


StarGazer said...

(((hugs))) hope you get on ok at the docs

Karen said...

Sorry to hear you're not so well - hope you feel better soon.

Georgina said...

Yikes - scary. Hope you're feeling much better now.