Monday, October 06, 2008

Can anyone help?

As the October half term approaches, I'd like to make some Hallowe'en cards with the kids at craft club. Trouble is, I haven't got any Hallowe'en stamps!
Here's where you could help.... have any lovely readers got some suitable stamps they could stamp me some images from to make Hallowe'en cards with? I'm thinking along the lines of Spiral Whisper, Sugar Nellie, Hanglar StAnglar etc.
Please? Pwetty please? I need 18 images, to cover one each per child and a couple for me and Jules to demo with!
If you can help, please email me annajahead at yahoo dot co dot uk (avoids me getting spam if I put it like that!!!

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triciaquarius said...

Hi Anna!
Tricia here - have you sorted your Halloween stamped image requirements? If not, I have just got the new Magnolias and would like to donate. Just let me know.Tricia x