Friday, October 17, 2008

Sunshine on a rainy day

Spent the day at Skelton Grange with one of the year 3/4 classes I work with.What a fabulous place! We had a great day,the kids were enthralled by it all. We went pond dipping, mini beast hunting, played games with sorting animals by habitat, assembled food chainns and used keys to help identify the creatures we found on our searches.

Can you see the waterboatman we found? We also found newts, bloodworms, dragonfly larvae and lots of other teeny critters.
I must admit I was worried on Wednesday evening, it was absolutely siling down with rain here, but the rain abated while we were at Skelton Grange, only drizzling at the end which made it a much better day than I'd thought it would be! I am planning to take my girls there at some point, need to work out when we can get to one of their open days!
And so to the weekend...

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juliejules said...

Glad you had a good time Anna, JUles xx