Monday, October 20, 2008

Five more sleeps

Til half term hurrah! Then on Saturday I am off to Trudie and Mark's wedding. I made their invitations and am making the place cards on Wednesday night. It is only a small wedding, 25 guests to toast the newly weds. The girls are off to stay with my parents, as I am going to the wedding alone. Plus I am staying overnight at the hotel, which has a spa attached to it. Note to self, ring hotel and see if I can go and have a bit of a relax on Saturday in the spa before the wedding at 3.

I am then having a couple of days to myself at home, time to get some bits and pieces sorted in peace and quiet. I am also planning on getting some extra sleep, during the day if necessary. I think that is possibly one of the most taxing aspects of being a lone parent. If the children wake in the night, there is only me to deal with them. My parents are down at weekends, but not every weekend, and also not during the week. Alex was poorly during the night on Saturday, and I was on my own with the girls that night. She screamed and screamed in absolute agony. Her grommets have come out now, so it is looking as if she is starting with ear problems again.

Coping with a child in pain, no sleep, and then a full day afterwards is hard. I am feeling almost drunk with tiredness tonight, so I am off to my bed shortly. Two more working days for me, then Becky,my beautician friend is coming on Thursday to get me ready for the wedding, which is always nice. Friday I am meeting with Clare Hooper at church to discuss how Love Bradford can help WAY. I am also hoping that my new car will be registered by the weekend!

Craft wise, I made 20 Christening invitations today, for my lovely online buddy Gwen. She's had a rocky ride over the last year, so I was honoured when she asked me to make the invitations for TK's christening. I forgot to take a photograph of them, doh! I will make another one similar, as it is handy to have as a christening card tbh. I need to build up some stock cards for me to send, as more often than not I end up buying one at the last minute!

And on that note, good night!

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Gwen said...

sleep in the day sounds wonderful!! Don't worry about the photo - I'll take one and email it to you :-)

And thank you very much (I can't let her get away with saying that I asked her - she offered and I gratefully accepted) ;-)