Saturday, January 24, 2009


It's good to have dreams, well I think so anyway! Some of mine are of the ilk that probably won't ever be fulfilled, but are still nice to have ticking away in the back of my mind... you know the ones I mean, 'When I win the lottery, first I will buy' etc etc. Fingers crossed my numbers come in at some point, but hey, I am quite happy with how things are for now!
I fulfilled one dream when I was 21. When I was younger I spent a great deal of time playing my violin and viola in various orchestras, touring the world and seeing the sights along the way. One thing I wanted to do was fit in a stint of playing professionally. I didn't think it was something I wanted to do long term, but I wanted to have a go! While I was living in Enschede in the Netherlands, I did a spot of freelance playing with Orkest van het Oosten, a professional orchestra which was based in the town. I loved every minute, improved my Dutch whilst there, and got to expand my repertoire too. I toyed briefly with staying on in Enschede, instead of returning to Leeds to complete my BMus degree, but eventually decided to go back to Leeds.
I don't get the time to play as often as I would like, it is something I know will get easier once the girls are older. Getting out in the evenings has to be planned with military precision, and sometimes unforseen obstacles get in the way so trips out have to be shelved.
Another dream I have had since childhood is also performance related, this time involving my voice rather than my violin or viola. When I was a child, my parents had the LP of the Joseph soundtrack. I have listened and listened to it, buying it on CD as times progressed. Obviously the role of Joseph isn't quite right for me, but I have always harboured secret desires to take the role of the narrator. My girls are big fans too, we watched Any Dream Will Do on TV, and last February we went to see the touring production of Joseph when it came to Leeds. I do rather like Lee Meade, always good to have someone who is kind on the eye as well as a good singer lol. We listen to the most recent recording of Joseph (featuring Jason Donovan so not actually that recent) on my iphone, connecting it up when we're in the car. It has to be one of our favourites, and we must look like complete nutters when we are all singing along. But do we care? Not a chance!
SO one day... will I fulfill my dream and sing the role of the Narrator in Joseph on stage?
Maybe one day... until then I can dream, but my dream doesn't feature the waistcoat Keith wears for performances because I don't like it! Haha, small things to make me smile, eh!

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anita said...

it's always good to have dreams!