Friday, January 02, 2009

Happy 2009!

Crept up on me nicely! This week has rushed past, my car decided to malfunction again so that knocked my planning for six. No idea where the car is now, somewhere between Basingstoke and Leeds on the back of a towtruck. I am hopeful that some kind soul will bash it and it will be written off, such a piece of junk it is!
Anyway, moving on, NYE last night was fantastic. There were 30 of us here celebrating in style. We bettered last year's empty bottle count, to such an extent that I dare not count them all... The kids played on the wii and in the playroom (must tidy that later) and the adults chatted and drank. And then drank some more! It was good fun, even though my head was a little cloudy this morning...
I'm raring to go with 2009. Lots of plans that I won't share just yet so watch this space.

I am working on a craft project, namely a card/scrapbook page/craft project a day in 2009. So far so good as I made two cards earlier. It is my mum's birthday on Saturday, so had to sort a couple out for her.

It is getting late now, so I will be back soon with photos of what I've been making. Adios for now.

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