Monday, January 05, 2009

The saga of the car

So in October last year I bought myself my dream car. Sounds ridiculous, but the Tiguan I bought really was my dream car.
When I was a teenager, my parents and I would often go for a walk around where we lived. At the top of the road I lived on was a garage selling second hand cars. For several months, on the forecourt stood a blue 4x4, a small one, and I would admire it every time we went past. I remember being gutted to find it had been sold! Since then, my dream car has always been a small, blue, 4x4, and the tiguan ticked every box for what I was looking for.
My heart led the way when it came to buying the tiguan, so now I am having to be sensible and follow my head. The tiguan has broken down twice in the two months since I bought it, including last week when I was down in Reading. Having spent time looking into the fault which has occurred, it seems to be one which happens rather too frequently for my liking in certain Volkswagens.
Realistically, VW have sold me a car which is not fit for purpose. No fault of the guy who sold me the car, a rather lovely man called Russ, or even the guy in the service department, called Lee, who has bent over backwards to help me since the car started playing up. I can not fault them, it is just so very unfortunate that the car is a complete dodo! Now comes the tricky part, getting VW to acknowledge that I am within my rights to return the car. I can reject it within 6 months of purchase, and I fully intend on doing so. I would gladly accept another VW in return, but under no circumstances can I have another Tiguan. Having looked at the options available, I would rather have a Touran, and there is a model which has the same list price as the Tiguan I bought.
Wish me luck, VW are not going to give me what I want without a fight, hopefully it will be a very ladylike one! I just hope they realise that I will not give up easily!

Craft wise, I seem to have rediscovered the desire to craft! I am aiming to craft every day in 2009, some days I will complete more than one item so that gives me a headstart if I miss a day. My running total can be seen over to the right. Once I find the disc to put the software for my camera on my new laptop, I will upload some pics. So far I have made 5 cards, 2 ATCs and done 3 scrapbook layouts. I have many lovely craft stash items to use up, and I am enjoying it very much!
Enough for now, work tomorrow, time to sleep!

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