Sunday, January 11, 2009

My craft room

I have spent my weekend having a HUGE sort out in my craft room as it had turned into the world's biggest dumping ground. It is not quite finished, but a million times better than it was, so I am ready to share it with you!

Here's my desk. It goes along under the window which is at the front of my house. It's made to measure from MDF, and as you can see I have the stuff I use the most right at hand. Most of the Scrapagogo boxes on top of the shelves are empty, just need to get them down now and throw them out.

Here's a close up of where I keep my Stampin Up markers and my promarkers. On the top shelf is white card ready to stamp onto. Next to the little shelf is my tote, which has all sorts of tools in it that I use regularly. You can see my ATG gun behind it, what a gadget, I love that yellow gun! I have my rolls of adhesive tape on a chrome mug stand, an idea given to me by Julie which is very handy. In the boxes next to the tote I have inks, various adhesives, and then pots of pencils, and other pens.

This pic shows the storage I had built to measure for my really useful 12x12 boxes. I have all sorts of patterned paper in those, and one ox houses all my letter stickers. I am currently loving AC Thickers as my friend Jan kindly gave me 3 more packs for Christmas!. On the worktop is my printer. I have room to craft with a friend (Julie!!!) or otherwise to do my paperwork for school at that end of the workspace.

I have plans to have a go at quilting this year, and my sewing machine is at the ready! Underneath I have my albums, and two more RUBs with flowers and chipboard in.

Here's my ribbon racks, and above them the bar I store my SU punches on. The ribbon racks are tie racks from Ikea and were not expensive at all. I even put them up myself, which involved wielding my DeWalt drill at a brick wall!!

Next we have my acrylic paper stacker, which I bought when an online shop shut down. Then there is my kitchen trolley on which my cricut expression lives. Underneath are some canvasses I picked up cheaply when the Works shut down. Plus the cards I have made but not sent yet. Next to that,my SU ink caddy. Not full yet!

Here's my SU stash. I lve SU stamps, I have really got into stamping since Monica came to do a workshop early last year. I make as many cards as I do scrapbook layouts now. Above is my Christmas stash, I am part way through Shimelle's JYC so hopefully I will finish that soon. Underneath is my beloved sizzix.

The last two pics are of general storage, which houses cardstock, embellishments, my BIA and Dreamkutz, and all sorts of other crafting delights.

So there you go, that's my craft room. Now it is finally organised more effectively, I am planning on doing an awful lot more crafting in 2009. I have got off to a good start, so here's to a great crafting year. Thanks for looking, and please do leave me a comment!


Hayley said...

WOW I am sooo jealous what a fantastic crafting space! enjoy

My Little Space said...

Room looks great's to lots of crafting in 2009 !


juliejules said...

Well done for getting it sorted mate, lets hopw it stays like this!!!!! Jules xxx

Monica Gale said...

Oh I remember it well!! Looks lovely Anna and there s deffo more stash in it now, then last time I ve seen it. M xxx

Ellie said...

anna I love it! its great to see it all set up !!

curlywhiskersandtwitchingnoses said...

What a super space! You've so many goodies-well done for getting it lovely and tidy-have tonnes of fun crafting now and inviting everyone round tocraft with you in your 'studio'!!!!! I like tidying my area up as it reminds me of the goodies I have though it seems I do more tidying than crafting and then there's blogs to keep me from crafting too...!!

Sarah-Jane said...

Wow !! ure sooo lucky to have a dedicated craft space, lucky you !! It looks really tidy so it should be much easier to craft now, and be able to find everything you need straight away, have fun! Sarah-Jane x

rachel said...

wow! that is a insane room its huge how do you ever use anything, i have one little desk and find stuff i forgot about all the time, its impressive!

Steph said...

I love your room so much Anna & yes I am jealous, not only of the room but how much stuff you have!! Steph xxx