Saturday, October 28, 2006

Are you married?

Well are you?
If you're not, and you have kids, then you need to get married asap. If its just a case of you never got round to it, please get round to it. You don't have to change your name, or wear a wedding ring. It doesn't change you into a different person.
The reason I am writing this is because if you are not married, and your partner dies in circumstances like Nigel did, or otherwise, then you will find yourself to be in a really sticky situation.
I know it's outdated in 'this day and age', but legally you are only a widow if you are married. Also, you are not next of kin unless you are married. Your partner's parents or siblings would have more rights than you. There are various benefits available to widows and widowers, but these aren't payable to unmarried couples.

Stupid, but true.

So if all else fails, get down to the registry office and tie the knot in your lunch hour. No pomp and circumstance needed. Just a bit of paper which changes the whole world if the worst happens.

Don't sit and think, 'This will never happen to me.'
I did that when my dear friend Karen lost her fiance Mark in January this year. I remember thinking, 'What would I do if this happened to me?'

Well it did, and it COULD happen to you. You never know. But at least you can be prepared if it does.

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