Monday, October 02, 2006

Work is beckoning

Not long now til I go back to work. I am going in for one morning before half term, I want to feel as if I have made an effort before the holiday.
I think some people think I am mad to go back so soon, but the longer I leave it, the harder it will be to go back. I love teaching (shame about the paperwork!!) and I am looking forward to getting to know my class better. The mix of 22 boys and 8 girls is going to be interesting, but it is a challenge I aim to rise to.
Sophie and Alex are happy where they are for childcare. Sophie adores school, and hopefully Alex can start nursery after Easter. She gets a bit frustrated sometimes I think when she is stuck doing baby things.
I know I will have to run a tight ship on the days I am working, but all will be ok.
It has to.
There is no other way.
Its just me and the girls for the long haul.

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