Tuesday, October 10, 2006


My layout of Sophie on her first day at school won the monthly LO competition over on Cara. I am well chuffed :D
Busy today. Went to hand in forms at the jobcentre to see if I am entitled to bereavement benefits. Then it was off to the University to sort out Nigel's pension. Then lunch with Tilly and Sue (and a little shopping...). After that I did more laundry before collecting the girls fromDebbie and Gaynor.
This evening my friend was supposed to come round but unfortunately her youngest has got the suits. Seemingly never ending too. Poor little man! And poor mummy too, up to her eyeballs in pooey nappies!!
Tomorrow Sophie has an appointment with the opthalmologist, her eye is turning in again. Think she may need glasses. Had a look in Specsavers last week and the kids' glasses are fan-blinkin-tastic compared to when I was little!
Will have to wai and see if she needs glasses.
That's it for now.

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