Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Am I sliding?

I am going through another patch of not sleeping. Last night I went to bed early, but Alex had other ideas. Finally dropped off at 10.30, but then I woke up at 11.15, convinced I had been asleep for ages. Then it was no sleep til about 2. Woke up again after half an hour or so, and the pattern continued until I had to get up at 6.
My mood is not great. School is a bit stressful as we are all working hard for the Christmas performances. The kids are high as kites because of the lack of routine at various times of day. I feel desperately lonely. So lonely that I wonder how things can go on. Of course they will, and my mood will lift again. But for now things are low.


Dawn said...

Thinking of you,cant think what you must be going through.
Stay string for your girls, hope you manage to get out & about.
Ask the grandparents.

Heather said...

Hi Anna. You don't knoe me but I've seen your posts on UKScrappers and I check out your blog.

I'm sorry you're feeling lonely. :( I'll pray for you and the girls and I send you a virtual {hug}.

Anonymous said...

Hi Anna, I know of you from mumsnet. Just wanted to say how great you seem to be coping but it's still very early days. I can't imagine how tough the last few months have been for you. There are lots of people thinking of you. Take lots of care. Karen x

JARM said...

Hey sweetie.

Hope our little chat last night helped a little, sorry I dissapeared, Dave wanted to get sorted and go to bed.

Thinking of you hun, and here when you need me xxx