Sunday, December 03, 2006


I feel lonely.

It doesn't matter how many people I am with. A busy place, or just me and a friend or two, I still feel lonely. I could quite happily sit and wallow at the moment.

But I won't, I have the girls to think of and work to go to.

How can I feel lonely when there are so many people around me?


Anonymous said...

Because sweetheart, you have lost the one thing that made you complete. You have an empty space and nothing will fill it, but you are made of strong stuff babe. Time is a healer and with the right people around you, you will get through it. Keep venting on here hun and we will keep supporting you when you need us. We love you xxx

Eleanor said...

This is such a hard time for you, when other people seem able to move on and don't understand you're still in that hole. It's far too soon for healing, and though busy you have to be and daily things go on, I think you should allow that loneliness because that, too, is part of the bigger process. I've never thought a wound like this can heal, it simply scabs over and is there still when you pick at it, but that's ok too, you know. And though you don't know me, as such, I will gladly be a friend.

Cliona said...

God gave us memories so we might have roses in December :D

Anonymous said...

I know of your story from my daughter and MN. the other half of your existence is gone and nobody can know how that feels until it happens to them, as it did for me and I found that people don't say her name or didn't know what to say so they stop talking alltogether. life does go on, its just a different life than the one you had planned and every day is a struggle to get through. I can't promise it gets better but it does get easier