Thursday, December 07, 2006

Tomorrow is going to be a good day!

It will be manic and I will want to scream, but it will all be worth it.
Ok, first of all get the girls to school and playschool. Then collect my new phone from O2. Sneak in a visit to the Post Office on the way back. Get to playschool for 10.45 to get Alex dressed as the Angel Gabriel. Watch her little performance at 11.00. Then collect Sophie from school at 11.55 and take her to Jimmy's for follow up eye test. Then in the evening I'm off out on the razz with the reception mums.
In between all this I am taking delivery of my beautiful new bed and bedroom furniture! Plus a skip to put the old bed in. I am so looking forward to sleeping in a BED again, and not just a mattress on the floor.


JARM said...

Sounds like a busy one mate!

Just remember to try and breathe through the madness!

Maybe your lack of sleep is because you havent got your proper bed?!

Take it easy mate, thinking of you x

Anonymous said...

Have a good night Anna ,take care .
Denise (Janees sister) xx