Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Phew its over.

Although I must say Christmas has passed by very smoothly and easily.
Alex decided to get up at 5.50 on Christmas Day, not because she was excited, but because that's what she does regularly! Sophie surfaced at 6.40 and so the day go started. The girls were delighted with their presents, and the living room soon looked like a ransacked branch of Toysrus.
Nigel's mum, Jean, came for lunch after my mum and dad had left to go to my brother's in Sale. Lunch was a very relaxed affair, with not a turkey in sight. I had beef en croute, the girls had sausage, and Jean had a mushroom filo pastry vegetabletarian thing.I did roasties and parsnips to go with it, and carrots and sweetcorn too.
Enough of the trivialities. We enjoyed lunch, and then took Jean home before going across to Sale for Christmas Dinner with my brother and his family. We ate mountains, and had much fun. Sophie and Alex love seeing their cousin Sam.
There were times when I wanted to hide away from it all. Forget Christmas. But the girls would have hated that. So on we moved.
Anyway, it's done for this year.
Here's to the New Year.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds yummy! Well done and take care pet.