Sunday, December 10, 2006

Tell me on a Sunday

Or so the song goes...

Today has been another busy day, getting things sorted out. I went through all the presents for the girls today and bagged them up, one for Sophie and one for Alex. I will wrap them next week at some point. My bedroom actually looks like a bedroom now, which is fab. The bed is great, I am still struggling with sleeping but it is a bit better than it has been.

This week is Christmas production week at school. Tomorrow is year 5/6 and Hosannah Rock, then Tuesday is my class and the other members of Year 3/4 with On the Sofa with Sandy and Andy. Sounds odd but it is really funny, very cleverly written by my colleague Debs.

I think sleep will be easier once the performances are out of the way. My head is spinning with all the things to think about.

Alex has been poorly this weekend. She has a nasty cough and was sick during the night last night after a particularly bad coughing fit. She has been coughing on and off all day, and is now out cold on my bed. Here's hoping she isn't up all night after such a late sleep.

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