Monday, September 29, 2008

Do not be alarmed

but I've been gardening lol. Mowed the lawns and did a load of weeding on Saturday. Then today, one of my lovely neighbours (I am blessed with lots of very kind neighbours), David, came over to cut my box hedge in the front garden. So once he had worked his magic, there were lots of clippings to clear up. Tomorrow the garden waste bin is due to be collected by the council, so I also had a quick whip round the garden to check for other waste. They are very strict about what can and can't be put in there, some of the items which are excluded seem a little odd tbh. I mean, the garden waste is going to be turned into compost, so why are they turning down things like raw veg peelings? I have a lot to do in the garden over the coming weeks, so I will be making a trip to B&Q and also the garden centre later this week. I need to replace the low fence which runs along the front of my garden, and also widen the border as it is too narrow to plant anything more substantial than a geranium. I've never been into gardening, but as there is only me to do it now, I have no choice!

Thought I'd share a couple of layouts I've done this week.

This one features a photograph taken on our first day in Turks and Caicos earlier this year. Check out the ukelele with only 2 strings! It's a photograph to remember tho, that holiday was completely amazing and I'd love to go to the Caribbean again.

This layout features photographs taken in the summer of 2003. I was just pregnant with Alex, and Nigel and I took Sophie on holiday to Scotland that summer. We made our base in Aberfeldy, at a friend's holiday house, and took in some of the local beauty spots, including Stirling castle. The girls and I returned to the same house in July 2006, literally days before Nigel died, so it is interesting to remember the first time we went there when we were still a family of 3.

I've started with my Christmas cards now, so watch this space for some soon. They're nothing fancy really, as I want to be able to send them via ordinary post, and not have to pay extra because they are bulky. I'm planning on getting them in the post as close to December 1st as possible... will I manage it?

Adios for now

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