Thursday, September 18, 2008

The saga of the bead...

So let's set the scene... I was working this morning to make up the hours missed when I wasn't needed on Tuesday. Covering biographies with year 5/6. In comes one of our lovely office staff, saying Sophie's school was on the phone. Nipped down to the office to take the call.
"Sophie has a bead in her ear, she has no idea how it got there.It must be looked at."
Made the arrangements to leave and hot footed it over to Sophie's school. Arrived to find Sophie sat quietly in the school office. Looked in her ear to see a very small fleck of red which was flat, resting on the skin of the ear next to the ear canal.I licked my finger and touched the fleck to see if it actually was a bead. It came out on the tip of my finger!

Turns out the 'bead' was a paint chip from the end of Sophie's pencil. It was flat, and definitely didn't look anything like a bead! Dropped Sophie back to her teacher and went back to work.

Oh well, at least Sophie is ok!

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Ellie said...

hahaha kids they do like to worry us dont they!! so pleased all was well x