Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The perfect rubber stamp!

Ha ha I was sent this in an email today, looks like the perfect rubber stamp for anyone who is a littleoverwhelmed and stressed!
No craft to share today, although I did take a photo of one of my craft club kid's work, as it was just fab! We did paper dolls this week, with the boys making super heroes and the girls making mermaids. Turned out beautifully, the kids loved it. Thanks again Jules for helping me make the club run so well!
Time for bed now, I am tired lately. I did, however, have the most amazing night's sleep last Wednesday... amazing what setting someone straight can do for making you feel altogether more relaxed!


John Smith said...

Where can I get a stamp like this!?

* Sarah * said...

No this is a stamp I could use!

Monica said...

Now I could have done with that stamp this week, would have been perfect. M xxxx