Wednesday, January 24, 2007

I've been thinking

Yesterday I found myself thinking that I would give Nigel a ring at work during my lunch hour to see how he was doing.
That stopped me with a jolt.
If only I could give him a ring, speak to him one more time. Even if it was only to say 'Goodbye, I love you.'

The girls have kept me busy while I have been feeling a bit off colour. Alex threw the world's biggest wobbly today at Sarah's. She freaked out completely over having to take her fairy outfit off to eat her tea. No idea why she reacted so badly, but it was the worst I have ever seen her. Sophie is her usual busy self, loving her drawing and reading. She is doing so well with her gymnastics on a Wednesday. Alex loves to watch her too which is great.

Anyway, without my two girls then I think I would be deep in the depths of despair just now.


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Caz said...

Anna, I know how you feel with regard to wishing you could talk to a loved one, just one last time. I feel the same about my Mum, even though I know it doesn't compare to losing your Hubby. Keep you chin up, and stay strong for your girls.