Saturday, January 27, 2007

Trip trap

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Well I've jumped on the bandwagon and got me a trollbead bracelet. I went up to Newcastle on my own this morning to this lovely shop in Jesmond. I chose 3 beads for a start, a silver lucky dragon, a glass bead with silver leaf and turquoise bobbles, and a stone and silver one called wisdom.
It really is very beautiful and I am so glad I went up there and chose it in person.

Some good news.... last night I booked a holiday to Menorca for the girls, my parents and me at May half term. Yippee! Last time we went there I was 17, so we'll see how much it has changed.

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nadinehakney said...

Hi Anna
I followed your link on minimins and I have been unable to put the laptop down as I have followed your blog - it is sad but very beautiful - I will post more on minimins but wanted to wish you and the girls all the very best.