Sunday, January 07, 2007

Time keeps on ticking

We had a lovely day yesterday with Jan and Jess over in Clitheroe, tinged with sadness as we talked about Maude. Jan's son is flying out to France tomorrow for the funeral on Tuesday morning. My heart will be with Nola at that time.

Have spent today doing mundane household things. The house gets so untidy, mainly because I am the only one tidying up these days! After a while I get very fed up of it all, and so it descends into chaos. Well after this week I have two reasons to keep it tidier, Ann my lovely cleaner comes on a Monday, and then Mary is looking after the girls for me on a Thursday while I go to Lighterlife. I have to be tidier, it's hard, but I have to keep up with it. Sophie is getting better at tidying up, but still drops things where she finds them more often than not. Ah well, must keep going so adios for now!

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