Monday, January 01, 2007

New Year, lots of plans

So much to do this year. I want to get the house exactly how Nigel and I wanted it, but couldn't do when he was here because we didn't have the funds. So later in the year I will be having a loft extension done, giving two more bedrooms and a toilet up there. Mum and dad will have one room as their base when they visit, and the other one, well I haven't quite decided yet! The third bedroom which the girls are currently in will become my scrap room! Hooray!
There are other bits and pieces that I want to do, get the hall and stairs decorated once the loft is done and stuff like that. The dining room will become a playroom for the girls and the dining table will take up residence in the conservatory.
So 2007 will be busy, but all in a good cause!

For me, well I am going to be more careful to have time for myself this year. On a Friday while Alex is at playschool, I am going to go swimming every week, I find it relaxing and need to have that time out. Before Christmas I was running around doing stuff, but now I need to relax a bit.

I also want to get a Wednesday night crop going on a monthly basis. So if you live in Leeds and fancy coming along, leave me a message! I have room for up to 10 scrappers if I put the trestle table out in the lounge/conservatory.

On January 11th I am starting a radical diet. Lighterlife is complete meal replacement, and I have chatted to people who have seen fantastic results. I need to get to the weight I want to be and work hard at staying there, rather than stumbling along the way. So if you want to join me, leave me a message too!

Finally there's the monthly journal I suggested on UKScrappers. A journal of the year, which for me will be a set of positive memories of 2007. After last year, I need good things to look back on.

So here's to lots of good things in 2007, at home, with my diet, with scrapbooking!


Cliona said...

and don't forget you have a little trip to get in to Ireland. We are so looking forward to you coming with the girls. I told the girls this morning that you were coming and poor Laura thinks its tomorrow. Here is to a good 2007 for you and your girls. Always remembering - never forgetting. Lots of love Cliona

Katiemcf said...

what a strong woman you are. loving the journal idea!