Friday, January 05, 2007

The wheels are in motion!

Getting started with sorting the house out to be how I want it....
I have spolen to Trussloft to get a date for starting the loft extension.
I have had the garden measured ready to be paved for the new playhouse, and also make it more useable during inclement weather.
I have started a list of what I want to do to each room. Not every room needs something, but the things I want to do are on the list!
I need a recommendation for fitted wardrobes, so if you have had any done recently, and they are good, leave me a comment to tell me which company you used.
I need to source some lighting too. I really don't have many lights in the house other than the ceiling lights, and I often feel they are too harsh. Think I will go and have a browse at Ring, many bargains there I believe!

Today I took Nigel's big, heavy petrol lawnmower to the lawnmower man in Farnley. I can't handle it, so I want to see that one and get a lighter electric model. I'm not much of a gardener but I am keen to learn. I want to plant an apple tree for Nigel, somewhere in the garden. Not sure where, as the back fence is out because of the leylandii behind. Horrid things.

Other than that, not a bad day. Had lunch with friends at Pizza Hut, had the buffet mmmmm. Alex's ear is still running like a tap, but she is taking the anti biotics so it should start to clear up soon. Tomorrow we are off to Clitheroe to see JanH and family.

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