Sunday, July 08, 2007

Bloggers in print

I was reading the Sunday Times today about bloggers who have ended up with publishing deals because of what they have written on their blogs. What a great way to earn a living, write a blog and get paid £70000 for the pleasure! I wonder if there is scope for a book about a young widow who loves to scrapbook, spend time with her children and attempt to become a domestic goddess?

The weekend has passed in a blur. Sophie had a friend sleeping over last night which went smoothly. Both girls were asleep by 8.15. Alex was a bit more problematic, and she ended up in my bed to start off with. Soon shipped her back to her own bed though.

This afternoon I managed to sneak in a quick catnap as I was exhausted. I need to slow down a bit this week. The trouble with being at home is that I feel that I want to get on with sorting the house out, and then end up overdoing it! Hence the need for a nap this afternoon. This week I am going to take it easier and not worry about the mess. I need to buy a BBQ too as I have friends coming over on Sunday for lunch. Fingers crossed the weather improves, otherwise it will be a lim sarnie in the conservatory!

Still no photographs of what I have been scrapping....

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