Thursday, July 12, 2007

Getting things in motion...

I have set things in motion to hopefully change my hours at work from September. Nothing concrete as yet, but I will be working fewer hours in a less stressful role. Still doing the teaching that I enjoy, but without the responsibility of a class. I really do enjoy being a teacher, but unfortunately teaching is one of the least time consuming aspect of the job these days. Paperwork takes over, with target setting, appraisals, assessments, planning, marking and the suchlike intruding into the lives of teachers long after they have left the classroom and gone home.

I have guests for the weekend. Heather has come over from Anglesey. The kids created at bedtime, so we are both exhausted. Not seen her since, so no doubt she is asleep now. The girls have a training day tomorrow, so we will find something to keep them amused.

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