Saturday, July 14, 2007

Poor Alex

This tea time I spent 3 hours in casualty at the LGI. Alex managed to slam her fingers in the conservatory door, and I have never heard her scream like that before. She was beside herself with pain and shock. I rang a friend who is a nurse and she said to get her checked out, so off we trotted. I left Sophie at her friend's house, dragging her along would have made it truly hideous. Being a lone parent at times like this show me just how hard it can be. Finding someone to leave the other child with can be tricky.
Alex was a superstar at the hospital, sitting perfectly whilst being xrayed. She was so tired she fell asleep on the way home, and didn't stir when I put her to bed. Sophie was bathed and ready for bed in her friend's PJs when I picked her up, which she thought was great fun! I am exhausted now, oh well, at least Alex is ok.
Heather and Erin have gone home a little earlier than planned as Heather fell yesterday and twisted her knee. Ian came over while we were at the hospital to pick them up. Sad that the weekend didn't go to plan :(
It is the last week of term for Sophie in reception. Busy busy busy. Lots to do. I can't quite believe that my baby has almost finished her first year at school. Her report was glowing, and she has matured so much this year. I am very proud to be her mummy, and I know Nigel would be proud of her too.

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Ellie said...

poor alex :( alice did the same once in a fire escape door it was horrendous. hope you all had a good nights sleep to recover xxx