Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Afternoon naps a plenty

My girls were so tired today that we all went to bed this afternoon. Late nights and early starts do not make happy children! After a two hour sleep, all was well.

This evening we ate at the Captain's Table restaurant in Alvor. I had sea bass, possibly Nigel's favourite fish. It was a fabulous meal, and we will be eating there again before we go home.

Walking through Alvor tonight, I remembered all the times I had walked the same route with Nigel. This year is my seventh visit to the Algarve, and the 5th to Alvor. Many things are the same here, but equally there are lots of changes. Seeing the changes is easy to cope with, while seeing the things which have been the same since we started coming to Alvor is harder. It is both painful and happy to see these things, I remember so many of the amazing holidays we have had here. Happiness is generally over riding the sadness, but it is there, nibbling away at me at various times. I am glad we returned, and we will keep coming back, as there are plenty more happy memories to be made here.


Kirsty Wiseman said...

thanks for siging the petition, loveky xx

chris said...

Hi Anna I am a 51 year old blog novice and am attempting this for the second time. My 14yr old daughter got me to this stage as when I read your article in Bella I wanted to let you know how much I admire your courage.Your daughters are a credit to you both and I am sure Nigel will never be forgotton. God Bless you Chris

claire said...

hi Anna got back home from Alvor late sat night it was so nice to see you again the girls have not changed abit i went & brought my copy of Bella today it brought tears to my eyes even now as i type this out i remember that morning you sitting there staring into space as white as a ghost & when Lynda told me what had happened my heart went out to you & the girls & when she asked me to talk to you i just didn't know what to say besides i'm sorry if there is anything i can do etc.. i remember trying to find a phone charger for you & even offering you to use my phone i also remember thinking i was glad you were not on your own because your parents were also on their hols but not stopping at Alvor Park & how strong & brave you were infront of your daughters and everyone i thought of you alot and what you were going through nowing that you have to come back each year anyway it was so so nice to see you & your daughters smiling i hope you have a fab holiday & did you buy week 52? anyway take care be happy remember Nigel is with you everywhere you & your daughters go .clairexxx

Emma said...

Hello Anna. I have just come across your blog by accident and have just spent the last hour reading about you and your amazing girls.
There is nothing I can say to help but I would like to say that your courage and spirit is amazing and your girls are so lucky to have a mum like you. Big hugs to you all and I will be visiting again. Emma.x