Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Our family is expanding

At the end of August our family will be gaining two new members. Not human ones though! I decided it was time we got some pets, so after talking about it with the girls, we decided on two guinea pigs. Names chosen to press are Daisy and Brownie, but who knows when we actually get them!

For the guineas to live in, I have ordered them the bee's knees of GP houses! The picture shows a guinea pig Eglu, which I ordered from Omlet. Sophie decided a purple house would be most fitting. She wanted pink, but then changed her mind and plumped for the purple. I have been and expressed an interest in two female GPs at a breeder near us, so fingers crossed some are the right age once our eglu is set up!

Other than that, this week has been fairly ordinary after the drama of Monday. Alex is very bruised and sore, but thankfully the bites are healing well. No sign of infection, so the antibiotics which were on standby are not needed. She has been petting our neighbour's dalmation, Jack, quite happily, so here's hoping she does not develop a huge fear of dogs!

Time for tea for the girls now, and then I am off to Julie's for a stampin up do.

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Clair and Sharni said...

The Omlets are such great homes - We saw them at the Grand designs show not long ago - Lucky you! xxx