Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Vivid dreams seem to be the order of the day here.Not that I sleep for long, I am averaging 2 hours a night lately! I am dreaming so vividly I could almost reach out and touch Nigel, he feels so close. The dreams are not upsetting, just makes me more aware of his absence when I wake. I can smile about them, in a warm, comfortable way. Last night we were swimming in a beautiful pool, somewhere sunny and warm, the pool was enormous but only we were in it. No idea where it was! It may be a combination of memories from different holidays we had together.

I've had some lovely comments from readers of the Bella article, thank you for those. If you are reading this blog after seeing Bella, do leave me a comment. It is easy to register on Blogger, you don't have to have a blog! Claire, who I knew in Alvor before Nigel died and saw at the Owners' social this year, please drop me an email, would be great to chat a bit more, address is annajahead at yahoo dot co dot uk with the obvious alterations!


Pat said...

Just started reading your blog a day or so ago.
Have lit a candle for Nigel :)
Pat x

Sally said...

Hi Anna. I read the article in Bella and wept yet again for you. It is a lovely article and well wrtten. Great to see the piccies of you all. I think of you often.