Monday, August 11, 2008

Greetings from the sunshine

Hello everyone

A quick psot, as I must get back to the girls, who are currently swimming like fish in the hotel pool while Collette watches them for me.

Yesterday was a day of mixed emotions, the overall feeling tho was of happiness that I was able to return to the Algarve and remember so many good times we had there before Nigel died.

We arrived here at 12.30, and hit the pool immediately. The girls were like little prunes when finally they got out! In the evening we went to the Pyramide Steak House, and had an amazing meal with Darren and Collette. Nigel would have loved what we ate!

The girls slept like logs, after having been up since 4am. I too slept well, the beds here are very comfy. I wish with all my heart that Nigel was here to enjoy our Algarvian holliday, but he's not, so we're going to continue to enjoy our holiday in style!


Lollipops said...

Hey hun, glad you are all getting on well on your hols. Take it easy and enjoy every bit of sunshine as we are getting flooded in Ireland. LOL
Take Care hun

patrish said...

Thankyou for telling your story in the magazine. I lost my husband ten months ago and I felt it could have been me writing, I cried when I read it because I too have felt that pain of grief which is indescribable but your story has inspired me that I too must be brave and go on for the sake of my daughters. Enjoy your holiday with your children, thank you for baring your soul and grief, it makes me feel that where I am now in the grieving process of a very dear husband is normal and that I am not 'going off my head'. Thankyou.