Sunday, August 24, 2008


Back home where it is cold... well actually it's not so bad, I just miss the sunshine and endless blue skies of the Algarve!

We had a fabulous holiday, returning was the best thing I have done in a while. The girls loved every minute, and have come home brown as berries. Alex's swimming has come on an absolute treat, and Sophie has been diving down the the bottom of the pool to collect the seal sticks which I bought before we left the UK.

So how did it feel to be back? It actually felt really, really good, definitely the right decision. There were moments when I felt desperately sad that Nigel was not with us, but I have felt like that on other holidays, so that was not down simply to being in Alvor. We were in a different room, in the mirror image of the last one, so that felt comfortable. The hotel had very kindly agreed to put an extra bed in the bedroom so that we could all sleep in the same room.

Having Darren and Collette there was good, and the girls enjoyed playing together (most of the time !). We ate at lots of different restaurants, and actually never at one I had been to with Nigel. One thing I could not quite bring myself to do this time was return to the restaurant where we spent our final evening together. We walked past it at the bottom of the cliff, but to go and eat there was not something I felt ready to do just yet.

Anyway, enough drivel for now. I will upload some photographs once I have finished sorting out all the stuff we took on holiday with us!

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