Thursday, April 26, 2007


Well my weight loss is bringing me something new.... attention from men! Something I am definitely not used to. Not that I am looking for someone new, but is is flattering when men attempt to chat you up!

London was interesting... the trip did not run as smoothly this time due to errors made by the tour operator. We very nearly did not have tickets to see the Lion King, but fortunately it was rectified. The coach was a nightmare, never has it taken so long to do the journey we made. Nightmare. The kids enjoyed it tho!

I am so very tired, time to sleep. No crafting of course, but soon I hope.

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StarGazer said...

well you may not want someone new but it must be nice to get such an obvious endorsement of your weight loss & a compliment is always nice!

sorry to hear the trip was complicated, hope you're rested now.