Sunday, April 22, 2007

Weekend Whirlwind

Started well with a visit from Becky, the mobile beautician. I had a pedicure, then while Lynne and Collette had theirs done I started on a Lippy Chick Flap book. Gorgeous to work with.

Saturday was both good and bad. We went down to Sheffield to my friend Claire's house. I went to a virgin vie party while Sophie went to the park with Claire's daughter and husband amongst others. Alex sat on my knee and grizzled as she is poorly.

I enjoyed the afternoon very much, but it did point out to me once again how much my girls are missing out on. I felt sad that Sophie wasn't going to the park with her daddy. It was hard because Alex was poorly, and I feel so alone when either of the girls is like that.

Today I went over to a WAY coffee morning at Sharon's house. Met lots of other members. The girls played with the other children, although Alex was still grumpy. Now my parents are here as I am off to London with year 5 on Tuesday.

Enough for now.

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