Tuesday, April 17, 2007

From foundation to development

That's the first part of Lighterlife complete. I have finished foundation and now I move into development. More of the same, but I can go into management when I get to the weight I want to be. I don't feel worried about starting to reintroduce food when I get to management, I see it more as making sure I make the right choices and keep myself healthy for my girls. 2 stone 9 pounds to get to the weight I want to be....

Had the parents' meeting tonight for the Year 5 London visit, all went fairly smoothly. I am so excited to be seeing the Lion King again. It will be strange to leave the girls with my parents. Last year I left them with Nigel, his first and last time alone with them overnight.

The monumental masons are going to sort the headstone. I just hope no-one pushes it over before it is done.

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