Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Low Point Reached

Today was a bad day. A truly bad day.

This week at school has been Science Week. Today a theatre company arrived to perform a show about cholesterol and healthy eating to the children. The staff were seated around the edge of the hall.

All was going well until the storyline shifted to how if you eat an unhealthy diet and don't exercise, you WILL have a heart attack. The actors went on to explain what happens when you have a heart attack.

At this point I started to feel physically sick. Very sick. SO hideous I had to leave the hall. My headteacher had realised how much the performance was upsetting me, and told me to leave if I needed to. I think if I had stayed for the full explanation, I would have been sick in the hall.

Was it really necessary for this performance to include details of what happens to you when you have a heart attack? The children in the hall were between 5 and 11 years old. I know the 'in' thing is healthy eating and all that, but is it not a little extreme to give an explanation, albeit a fun one, of what happens when you have a heart attack?

I have felt quite ill for the rest of today. Not a good day at all.

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