Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Stairway to heaven....

The staircase up to the loft is in and it is looking fantastic. All of a sudden it seems to have come on an awful lot, which is great. I am hoping the windows will go in soon, then the loft will be much lighter.

It is good to be home again. I enjoyed our stay in Ireland very much, and Cliona was a fantastic host. But I am a homebird so coming home always feels good. On the way to Galway on Tuesday we stopped off in Knock, an important shrine to catholics. WHen Nigel died, a friend in Ireland sent a card to say that mass had been said for him there. As a non catholic, I didn't even know this was what happened when someone died. Nigel had mass said for him in 4 if not 5 churches, in Ireland and here in England.

I've also been gardening. The girls played out there this afternoon, along with Mike and Mary's grandsons, and so I tackled a bit of digging, with Mary's guidance. I want to plant an apple tree in the garden soon. I am undecided about a plaque, as the tree would be a memory tree for Nigel.

Time to sleep. Tomorrow will be busy, loads to do and so little time.

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