Saturday, February 09, 2008

Catch up... wrath and envy

A shot of my shoe cupboard in the hall. Each of my girls has a drawer in the cupboard for their shoes and boots. Does that mean they can put them away properly? Does it heck! Makes me so cross when they stuff their shoes in, leave them hanging out, and then I almost break my neck falling over the drawers!

This was funny, have had some fellow members of WAY staying this weekend, and their kids were so envious of my Wii and games. It is not Matthew's birthday til September, but already he says he definitely wants a Wii!

Today we went to see Joseph at the Grand Theatre in Leeds. It was absolutely fantastic! Chris Barton played Joseph, and he was excellent. Keith, runner up in Any Dream Will Do was the narrator, and he was good, just overdid the diction! Then it was off to Wagamama's for tea, the girls wolfed down their mini chicken katsu, rice and cucmber. Tomorrow is photograph day... we're meeting Anita Mundt in Liverpool to have some new family shots done. Time for some pics of our new unit of three. Strange to be a family of three, but we can't change that, can we.

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Deanne said...

great take on prompts, love the wrath one especially, so know where you are coming from with that x