Sunday, February 10, 2008

Good day bad day

Today we drove over to Liverpool to have some photographs taken by the fantastic Anita Mundt. She is over in the UK for a few days and so I jumped at the chance to have some photographs taken by her.
It was a fantastic shoot, the girls really enjoyed leaping about the place at the Albert Dock. Having my photograph taken was good too, not really had so much attention paid to me before.

However, I have come away feeling very very sad that our family unit is not how it was, how I had expected it to be. I am going through a phase of missing Nigel more lately. No idea why.

Today it is 18 months exactly since he died. And today I miss him more than ever.


Andrew said...

Hi Anna. Great to meet you and the girls today in my role as donkey and chaufer. Do we have a name for the bear yet? I think one of them left with the name of 'Jessica' which is a cool name for a bear!

anita said...

Anne, maybe this little sneak peek will cheer you up a little...
Your family is changing, but is still beautiful, just in a different way...and i am sure your DH was looking down on you all today smiling away!

BabyLongLegs said...

Hugs Anna.......
Sarah xXx