Thursday, February 14, 2008


This is another photo with a story behind it. This is my heart monitor which I wear for the gym. I've been working out with a personal trainer, and to achieve optimum results I have to push my heart rate into the fat burning zone. So I wear this monitor around my chest to keep a check on it while I am thrashing myself stupid on the machines. I am definitely getting fitter, heck, I even managed to run on the treadmill! So diligence is my committment to getting fit under the guidance of Tim, my personal trainer. Back there tomorrow morning, so I am most definitely being diligent!

Oh, and Happy Valentines Day to you all!


Rachael said...

Wow I could do with a personal trainer to get me off my butt! I have a treadmill at home but I don't visit it as often as I should. x

Sue Nicholson said...

Full of admiration for you :-)

Well done. You should also be very proud too :-)


Heather said...

Well done you for making such efforts to get/stay fit.

(I went to a boxercise class for the first tine tonight, to try to tone up a bit after baby number two, but I fear it might leave me more sore than fit!)

Heather - UKS