Tuesday, February 05, 2008


Not much of that going on for me... working on shedding a few excess pounds before our holiday!
This photograph shows my girls' current favourite type of crisps, Pom Bears. Alex adores the pink, prawn cocktail ones, and Sophie loves the green cheese and onion ones. I have to keep the basket with them in up high, as Alex is a bit of a crisp monster. Given half a chance she will consume packet after packet when she's in the mood!

Great day at work today, really had fun. With reception this morning, we were planning for our teddy bear's picnic. We wrote menus and shopping lists, and the finished pieces of work were fantastic! Then this afternoon I had year 3/4, we started with handwriting which was fine, then after battling with PE kits a plenty, we went into the hall for PE. We had such a ball! Every single child was enjoying working on forward rolls, and I was careful to make sure that everyone managed to do one by the end of the lesson, even if it involved a little help from me. Many house points awarded, and the children left the hall with big grins on their faces!

After school I nipped to the gym, my personal trainer saw me while I was there so at least he knows I have been! Felt good to fit that in, I have been terrible at making excuses about going to the gym, so no more! In fact, I am guilty of making excuses about a lot of things in my life, so I have decided that it is time for that to stop. Time to get on with things instead of letting the past hold me back!

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Sarah said...

Sounds like you had a really good day :-)

Love the crisps, my Fletch used to love these too (just the plain ones) but we haven't had them in a while...might have to add some to my shopping list!