Tuesday, February 19, 2008


My photographs taken by Anita Mundt are back. Wowser, they are stunning! Once I have sorted out paying for them, I can share a select few, thanks Anita!
I am snowed under with work this week, had to work Monday as it was a training day, useful but very tiring. I have an observation tomorrow morning, a literacy lesson, which is a hassle, again useful but I know tomorrow night I will be asleep by 8!
Dad's op is looking hopeful for next week, so he will soon have his new hip. I have felt so angry at the NHS because of their treatment of my dad. I really could scream! At least it will be sorted very soon.
No crafting this week due to zero time, so I will definitely catch up next week. I'm having a Stampin Up party on Thursday 28th Feb, so if anyone around Leeds is interested, leave your email address in my comments and I'll be in touch!


anita said...

i'm so glad you like the pics..and can't wait to see some of the projects you make!!! so sorry to hear about your dads treatment, but hop he gets his new hip soon.


Heather said...

Good luck with tomorrow's Stampin' Up party. :)

Heather - UKS