Saturday, March 03, 2007

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh relax!!!

What an afternoon at the spa! I had a Swedish back, shoulder and neck massage and it was divine. Definitely worth it once in a while as a treat. It was fantastic to meet up with all my online friends again. Of course I was sorry not to go on for a meal at the noodle bar which I love, but next time we meet up at the Spa I will be able to join them. Coming home and trying on trousers which haven't fitted me for a year to find that they were too big made up for missing out on the meal.

I've been thinking about things again. I know quite a few people who have suffered devastating losses in their lives. I understand that feeling since Nigel died. But does that mean that the world owes me a living? That people should treat me differently, give me preferential treatment because of Nigel's death? Should I expect to behave how I like, say what I want, because after all, I have suffered such a terrible loss?

Well the answer is easy. No. There is no need for me to expect anything different from most things in life. Support from friends and family, yes, but letting me get away with making stupid statements and behaving badly? Never.

Anyway, enough of the ranting. My neice has a name, Olivia. Beatiful name but unfortunately I haven't seen her yet. She is still in SCBU in Manchester, currently poorly with various things. I don't know when she will be home, so spare her a prayer please.

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