Sunday, March 11, 2007


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Had a good weekend, ended nicely with a visit from Lisa, Lottie, Sarah and Gemma. I even cooked them a curry, while Gemma and I sat with our VLCD food packs. Not that difficult at all really.

The logo above is for the WAY foundation. I have mentioned it before, but in brief it is for people who are widowed under the age of 50. I have been chatting online with more members and the supportive atmosphere is amazing. No problem or worry is too much trouble. It really is a perfect example of 'a problem shared is a problem halved'


luddite said...

Hi Anna

Good to meet you in cyberspace.

Thank you for your promotion of WAY. They've updated the logo for the 10th anniversary.

Since I've had to sign up I may even start a blog.

- Gordon

lottieru said...

i loved you curry sweetie and it was so good to see you (and even see tilly)

love and hugs