Friday, March 16, 2007

Life After Death

Last night I watched a documentary on Channel Four all about other members of WAY in West Yorkshire. It opened with a lady called Ruth talking about having a Nigel shaped gap in her life as her husband was also called Nigel. That in itself was hugely emotive, and I shed some tears while watching the programme. I am not as far on in my journey as the people in the programme, but I was able to understand all the emotions expressed. It really is so true that only people who have lost their partner truly understand how it all feels.

I was full of admiration for everyone featured. I have already spoken to Sharon and Deborah on the phone, and I am looking forward to meeting them soon. I hope Sophie and Alex will make some good friends their ages when we go to a WAY meet up. They don't know any children the same age who have lost their daddy. Lots of single parent families, but all through divorce. None through death.

Thank goodness for Fridays when it's my day off. I have to speak to the Nationwide today, I am currently feeling very pressured by their financial adviser and I am aiming to tell him that I am not happy with his approach. Wish me luck!

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