Friday, March 09, 2007


Took the girls to the dentist today for our check up. Sophie got a clean bill of health, Alex had a paddy and refused to open her mouth, and I have been referred to the dental hospital. I have had a hole in my last wisdom tooth for a few weeks, and so when my detist tried to x-ray it, a big chunk came off. He wanted to spray it to see if the nerve was live but I declined that one! Don't want to inflict any unnecessary pain on myself. Having the tooth out will be hideous enough thank you! The dentist, Andrei, was nice though, much better than the last one we had. He is polish and said that his english wasn't very good, but I thought he did very well. His manner with the girls was fab, even though Alex did have that paddy. She just didn't fancy flashing her gnashers at anyone today!

My grandad has taken a turn for the worse. He has an infection, not sure exactly where, but it isn't looking good. I hope that whatever happens, he doesn't suffer. Grandma is with him, so I hope things are resolved soon.

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