Monday, March 26, 2007

What is a fair test?

Been busy doing science today with my class. Working on understanding what a fair test is. Quite a tricky thing to understand, but I think some of my class have got it now.
I hate Mondays in that by the time we get home after a long day we are all exhausted. This morning was a bit easier as the girls slept til 7.20. I literally rolled them out of bed and into the car. Sophie had breakfast at Jennifer's, and Alex had it at Gaynor's. So I could get up without them mithering me and getting under my feet. Tomorrow will be different no doubt....
The lighter evening was good too, the girls went and played in the garden before coming in at 6.15 and wolfing down chicken casserole and rice. After a bit more time in the garden, it was bath time. Alex has gone to bed without a nappy tonight, I hope she doesn't wet the bed!!
Not long til the holidays, boy do I need it. I was horribly disappointed when the loft start date was put back a week, but hey, it's only a week. So many more important things to worry about.
Like why it is that I am even in this situation. Something I struggle to comprehend every single day of my life.

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