Sunday, June 03, 2007

Back to work blues

Boo hoo back to work tomorrow. Wish I could stay home, especially as my childminder is away on holiday so I have had to ask my parents to take the girls to and from school. Would be so much easier if I could take them myself. But alas no, it's got to be done.

I have got the washing sorted at last, and the ironing pile is ENORMOUS, but mum and dad are taking that to the ironing service tomorrow. There is no way I have time to sort it at the moment, so I am taking the lazy option. In the past, Nigel would always take a couple of extra days off after a holiday to get the washing and ironing sorted. Now that it's just me, my holidays are not flexible so there are two overflowing baskets waiting to go to Drighlington tomorrow.

Her Space My Space is on hold for me, I should get a chance on Wednesday and I will take all the photos. I have really enjoyed the few I have taken so far. I'm also going to have a go at some photography at school, class photos no less so I am going to have to buy me a tripod. Any recommendations would be welcomed.

So onwards and upwards, time to tidy up my planning for the week and get me to bed.

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