Friday, June 15, 2007

Yum yum in my tum

Salmon went down a treat. Felt good to be sat at the table eating with the girls, and I felt full once I had eaten the piece of salmon I chose for myself. Didn't have room for any veg, but then I am not allowed to have that yet! Tomorrow, well I am not sure which protein I will have tomorrow, could be chicken, could be tuna, could be cottage cheese (or not, nasty stuff lol). Definitely won't be tofu!
I went and had my hair cut and coloured today which was good. I did feel very nervy in the hairdressers tho, which was not so good.
And will it ever stop raining? Where is Noah when I need him?

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StarGazer said...

Wow! Seven Stone is amazing! Glad the salmon is yummy. Hope the new hairdo is a success too.