Friday, June 15, 2007

Time to eat

Still here
still feeling crap

but on a positive note I went to my first management meeting tonight, and I will be eating a piece of salmon later today. Wow. My first food for 155 days other than Lighterlife food packs. I also discovered I have lost another 3 lb so I am 6 lb under target weight. And 1lb away from having lost 7 stone. Blimey, 7 stone, that is scary!


Lin said...

HI Anna, just to say that I hope you can pull yourself up again soon. Congrats again on your weight loss. :-)

I looked into lighterlife for myself but at 66 quid a week its way beyond my financial limits. I'll just have to share in your victory instead. ;-)

Ellie said...

hope you enjoyed the salmon last night :D

Sonika said...

Hi Anna,
Those are such sweet girls.

Read your experiences at lighterlife with some interest. Are you now a counsellor?

Please let me know